Making a Will – worth thinking about

Let whoever is in charge keep this simple question in her head: how can I provide for this right thing to be always done?” Florence Nightingale.

Look after loved ones first

We recommend making provision for loved ones first in a will. It is also worth making provision for funeral expenses. After all these things have been considered that is when you could start thinking about leaving gifts to your preferred charities.

What sort of gift to leave

Whether it be 1 per cent or 50 per cent of your residual estate, a property or a set amount, you can shape your gift however you like. Your solicitor can go through the options with you.

Information to take to the Solicitor

Your Solicitor will need Full Circle Fund Therapies full address and charity number as follows:

Full Circle Fund Therapies
c/o Mr Stanley Chicksand,
Chicksand Gordon Avis,
12 Northfields Prospect,
Putney Bridge Road,
London SW18 1PE
Charity No. 1162010

Please do let us know if you have included Full Circle Fund Therapies in your will. We’d like to opportunity to say thank you and it helps us to know.

Respecting your wishes

At Full Circle we will respect your wishes. Always. If there is a particular area of our work that you would like to see your gift go to then we will organise that for you.
If you would like your gift to remain anonymous we can also ensure that it will be.

Contact details

Do contact us if you have any queries. Feel free to call Suzanne Ruggles on 020 8725 5503 or email us on We are always more than happy to hear from you.