Living with Grace

In Your words by Full Circle

“Full Circle Fund Therapies was a great source of comfort when I was aching all over and in need of reflexology. I wasn’t aware of its powers until I came into contact with Full Circle. “Grace

Coming soon: Grace was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at the age of 21. Both a beneficiary and amazing supporter of Full Circle Fund, not least through her wonderful baking for fundraising events, Grace drew on her positive outlook on life and desire to help others to set up Living with Grace with her mother to “help people to live with grace through difficult times with the support of useful products, books, information and apps”.

Living with Grace reflects so many of Full Circle Fund Therapies’ beliefs and aims. As the website explains, it “demonstrates kindness, gives hope, finds reason, helps strangers and shapes the world because when life is treating you the worst we believe in treating you the best”.

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