Suzanne Ruggles – Founder & CEO


Suzanne originally studied Business, Finance and Law before ‘changing from the theory to the practice’ to set up her own London based design company. Her many commissions included Hollywood actors, Royalty, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Birmingham Philharmonic Hall. Following diagnosis of Lupus an autoimmune illness in 1996 and, in a chance conversation with her consultant, she understood that stress was known to exacerbate her condition. With this piece of the jigsaw she began a journey to understand how certain, well evaluated therapies could help her manage the impact of stress and with this knowledge teach her how to cope with her illness.

Compelled by her own experience, she began studying the science of mind-body medicine. She undertook two trips to Harvard Medical School to study the Relaxation Response and Positive Psychology. She enrolled at Birkbeck, University of London to study Health Psychology, where in her final year she switched to a Masters degree at the guidance of her Professor, graduating with a Masters of Science (Health Sciences) at St George’s Hospital Medical School, University of London in 2014. She holds qualifications in energy medicine (Plexus bio-energy), Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reflexology and Emotional Freedom Technique. She has a long term practice and interest in chi kung and meditation techniques, and deeply held interest in nutrition.

Professionally, in 2001 she was commissioned to set up St George’s Hospital’s first ever integrated therapy programme for haematology and bone marrow transplantation, for which she received the St George’s Hospital’s Exceptional Award in 2005. In 2006 she set up the Hospital’s integrated therapy project for paediatric medicine – the first of its kind in the UK, and more recently overseeing the development of the Full Circle project as it responds to increasing referrals from many new, complex and diverse areas of need within St George’s Hospital.

Following a near death experience in 2003 brought about by a rare form of meningitis, she founded her charity ‘to raise funds to seed-develop a pioneering project for hospitals, that would have the capacity to train up highly skilled practitioners, and to research and deliver integrated support for very sick children and adults.’ She initially set up Full Circle in St Georges Hospital Charity until 2015 when Full Circle became an independent charity to widen its reach and ability to share its knowledge with other hospitals.

She is an accomplished speaker and has lectured widely including The Nursing Faculty, Kingston University; national conferences and more recently at the All-Party-Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare at Westminster.

She is currently writing a book with Balboa Press, part of the Hay House Publishing Co, United States.