St George’s: our first project

Full Circle Fund Therapies began life at what is now St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and over the years has had a significant impact on the wellbeing and quality of life of patients across a number of departments, thanks to our generous supporters and sponsors.

Championed by many of the top medical professionals at St George’s Hospital, we continue to contribute to the full circle of restorative healthcare at the trust through our evidence-based supportive therapies, including Haematology, Sickle Cell Disease, Oncology and Paediatrics.

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“When I was first diagnosed with paralysis in my legs my outcome was very bleak. It was the Full Circle treatments that kept me positive and hopeful that I would walk again.” Duncan M. Spinal cord lesion causing paralysis, post-bone marrow transplant for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Our projects first began in 2001 when we were asked to develop a therapy project for haematology and bone marrow transplant patients. This was first developed by our founder, Suzanne Ruggles in collaboration with senior nursing staff led by Ward Sister Nic Worcester and supported by Haematology Professor Ted Gordon Smith.

To date we have provided over 7,000 free treatments to patients undergoing chemotherapy for blood cancers as well as for bone marrow transplant.

“Full Circle Fund Therapies provides a lifeline to our patients”Dr Fenella Willis Consultant Haematologist

One day a week for a year is generously supported by Surbiton High School’s annual Fashion Show.

Sickle Cell Disease

“The Full Circle programme is important for everyone with Sickle Cell to know about – patients, carers, guardians. It is an essential part of our care.” Billoh Kebbay Sickle Cell Disease

In 2003 Dr David Bevan, Consultant Haematologist, referred the first patient with Sickle Cell Disease to our service.

Since then we have developed the UK’s first supportive therapy programme specifically for patients with Sickle Cell Disease, winning the prestigious St George’s Exceptional Award in 2005, nominated by Dr Bevan.

We currently support over 100 children, teenagers and adults a year with Sickle Cell Disease and have developed specific inpatient and outpatient programmes for this patient group’s needs.

Part of this project is generously supported by a Wandsworth Grant Fund.


“I just wanted to send a quick email to update you on [my patient]. We saw her this morning and she’s doing fantastically. She seems to have gained hugely from the hypnotherapy service – thanks for setting it up for her.”Zoe Garstang Head and Neck/ENT Speech and Language Therapist, St George’s Hospital

Originally set up by Palliative Care nurses in 1996 we were asked to develop specific projects in collaboration with Oncology teams and Macmillan Clinical Nurse specialists in 2010, including specifically funded projects for patients with lymphatic cancers and peripheral neuropathy and more recently a pioneering one-year pilot in Clinical Hypnotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer patients.

“The therapy helps by taking away the stress of chemotherapy. It’s the thing I really look forward to when coming in for treatment”69-year-old female with cancer


“The work of Full Circle Fund’s Therapy Team is invaluable and I would like to be able to have more access to their expertise for more children and families”Ruth Meadows Director of Nursing, Children’s, Women’s, Diagnostics and Therapies, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We were first asked to develop a paediatric service in 2006 following requests from paediatric intensive care physiotherapists, senior paediatric nurses and supported by paediatric consultants including intensive care, surgery and haemato-oncology.

With specific funding support, we have been able to develop a comprehensive, highly evaluated, award winning paediatric project, which includes supportive projects for life-limited young patients and their families, including babies and children with complex genetic disorders, cancers, traumatic brain injury, infant massage for ex-premature babies and their carers and a new project developed with specific funding from the Wimbledon Foundation for teenagers and young adults with life limiting eating disorders.

Our Full Circle paediatric team work in close collaboration with the paediatric teams led by Acute Nurse Consultant Rachael Bolland. We currently provide around 450 treatments a year.

Healthcare professional? Get in touch to find out what we can bring to your patients

Our paediatric projects are generously supported by
Surbiton High School, The Wimbledon Foundation, The Lakehouse Foundation and friends and family of Daniel Strong.

Your generous donations enable us to give more therapies to more people with life-threatening and life-threatening illnesses. Thank you!

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