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Surbiton High School’s Fashion Show reaches £75,000!

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Students and staff of Surbiton High School have surpassed themselves again in March 2018 to raise a phenomenal total of £75,000 from their Annual Fashion Shows in aid of Full Circle.

From a small idea to help raise funds for Full Circle eight years ago, former Surbiton High School Principal Ann Haydon and her amazing staff and pupils, first conceived the idea of Fashion Show. The original concept was pioneering:  a Fashion Show of wearable designs made from recycled materials.   The result each year has been an exhilarating and innovative mix of colour, sound and vision.  Pupils under the brilliant guidance of the SHS staff, have managed to design not only a year on year sell-out production, but crucially, have raised a phenomenal total of £75,000 to support Full Circle’s award-winning and innovative Integrated Health programmes for very sick children and adults at St George’s Hospital.

As the School says on its website:

“Very few events genuinely connect an entire community, let alone events that encapsulate so many crucial life skills: learning, challenge, adversity, success, creativity, delegation and leadership.”

Our Founder and CEO, Suzanne Ruggles says of the Fashion Show:

“I feel a very real connection with Surbiton High School. The joy for me has been to see how a small seed of an idea has been nourished by the incredible staff and pupils of Surbiton High School, to become something that is vibrant and flourishing and a force for such good. Not only that but the Fashion Show truly puts the fun into fundraising – you definitely have to have been one of the lucky ones to have been there, to know why and how!

We thank you Surbiton High School for your inspiration, energy and leadership over the years. We thank you all for your phenomenal fundraising achievements in aid of Full Circle – you really and truly have made a difference and on so many important levels.”

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The Surbiton High School Fashion Show is far more than just a fashion show. The legacy of this event sees the whole School draw on its strengths and community spirit to deliver a student-led, high quality event that allows every individual to thrive and flourish
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