Positive Touch Infant Massage

Infant massage is a longstanding parenting tradition in many cultures, and was introduced to the western world during the last 30 years, gaining in popularity in the UK since the late 1990’s.

Infant massage is when nurturing touch through soothing holds and gentle rhythmic strokes are demonstrated for parents or, if appropriate and with their consent, the therapist massages their infant. Following a sequence that has been researched and developed over many years, benefits have been found to include bringing a sense of calm, reducing infant anxiety and improving the bond between hospitalized infant and their parents or caregivers.

Full Circle’s Positive Touch programme for hospitalized babies and young children has been specially adapted by Full Circle’s lead paediatric therapist, physiotherapist Franziska Schmidt-Dengler.  All Full Circle infant therapists hold a recognised massage therapy qualification and are trained in the International Association of Infant Massage method www.iaim.org.uk