Nina and Lucie completed the London Marathon

Why I’m Running the London Marathon 2019 for Full Circle Fund Therapies, by Nina Sutton

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Nina and Lucie cross the finish line at the 2000 London Marathon

Nina and Lucie cross the finish line at the 2000 London Marathon

The first time I ran the marathon was 19 years ago with Lucie.  I met Lucie through playing hockey at Surbiton Hockey Club. Although we were both sporty, neither of us were distance runners, more team players with the lure of team socials afterwards but the London Marathon, being one, if not the most iconic marathons was on both our bucket lists – so we decided to do it together. Myself and Lucie have continued our friendship, having many things in common outside of hockey, including our love of animals (horses and dogs), skiing, socialising, and now as supposed grown-ups, children of a similar age!

This time 19 years ago Tuesday nights after work became the long run night.  We could be seen pounding the streets of Esher, Surbiton and Kingston, moaning about shin splints, knee pain and general gossip to pass the time. There was more than one occasion when we had the ‘why are we doing this’ conversation but we carried on regardless.

April and the big day came around pretty fast. The day itself was amazing, despite the aching limbs and blisters. It was a fantastic experience and one we would remember forever.

This year I was one of the lucky few who got a running space though the ballot.  This meant I could choose which charity I ran for. I chose Full Circle Fund Therapies because Lucie spoke so highly of them and they had been such a help to her through a really difficult time. When a friend becomes unwell, you offer support in many forms but most of the time you feel helpless because all you really want to do is rewind and pause time for them. Lucie received various treatments from the team but she spoke especially highly of Gabriele from Full Circle Fund Therapies whom visited Lucie regularly in hospital, giving her reflexology treatments which brought calm and hope to Lucie’s very stressful world.  This made all the difference to her, and from a friends point of view its comforting to know someone can do that for Lucie.

Running without Lucie this year is going to be hard and the distance will feel a lot further without her, but I know she would love to be there with me.

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